Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus?

Today is our last day. We will be hopping on a plane going to Shanghai soon and saying goodbye to this beautiful place called Xizhou. This experience for me has been truly breathtaking, and I hope never to forget it, but this brings up the questions: Why did I come here in the first place?
The discussion of signing up was a hard decision and I spent a lot of time contemplating if Microcampus was the right thing for me. Many people around me told me that it was the right thing for me and that I should take a shot at it and applied. This was one big reason that I signed up,  a lot of people told me that this program was just the right thing for me and that even though it might be hard and some places that I would like it and it would change me. I think that this was a big reason I signed up, but I made sure that I had other motives other than the fact that a lot of people wanted me to.
Another reason I signed up was that I loved the outdoors and the adventure of a program like this. From what I heard from the presentations and other people, it was a trip to a rural part of China where we would spend some time biking, hiking, and camping. That sounded super fun for me and just what I wanted to do. I felt like it was going to be a lot of outdoors and a lot of leaning out there and it was exactly what I expected, and I am glad that I came. 
The final reason I came was that I wanted the challenge. I knew this was going to be a challenge from the very beginning, I mean we were going to a village for a month in the rural parts of China and I barely knew one once of Chinese. That was going to be a giant problem that I had to overcome, and it was, but I found ways to solve it, and that was part of the experience. The whole month ended up being filled with problems and challenges, and that was what I expected, and I wanted that, I felt like living in the bubble was smooth sailing with mediocre lows and mediocre highs. Here in Xizhou, I hoped to have some fantastic and happy moments and some severe problems and challenges to overcome. 
All in all, I think that this experience has taught me a lot and that the reasons for applying and coming to Microcampus were all the right ones. I am thrilled that I took the risk and signed up for this fantastic experience.


Anders, it has been so

Anders, it has been so exciting to read your blog. As you said so wonderfully, it is an experience you will never forget. When I watched your group project video I was so touched that you have had this experience connecting to another culture, another country and another beautiful human being. You and your classmates have done an admirable job!
Love, Nana

I am a student at the Puxi SAS Campus, and I love an excellent outdoor adventure. In my free time, I like playing D&D or baseball with friends I hold dear to my heart. I had a great time in Xizhou, and I have learned a lot throughout the experiences here in Xizhou.