Day 28: Why I Came To Microcampus

Microcampus begins and ends today. This is the end of our journey together as 16 students for 28 days, but also the beginning of our own individual adventures. I look to this as a memory of the past, as the present, and as my distant future.
Why did I sign up for Microcampus? I kind of forgot. What I did remember was that on Black Friday, the most unluckiest day of the year, the luckiest thing happened to me. I remember someone saying that I got into Microcampus after my soccer practice at school. I did not care then. But I do care now.
These 28 days transformed me. I learned about myself, fellow members of the  Voyagers crew, teachers, Xizhou, and the world. I have always been the most pessimistic in all situations. I do not know where we are heading in our lives, I do not know where we will end up. They say that the process is the most important. I say nope. Looking at ourselves, the process of preparing for a test is so trivial compared to the end result. Looking at minor things, the process of of cutting hair is so trivial compared to the end result. Nobody cares about the result, but most of us has been brought up to believe in this fantasy.
Although Xizhou is outside of the bubble, this fantasy is real. Nobody cares about the flight number from Dali to Shanghai, but we care about what happened from the departure to the landing.
Our stories are there behind us: in the dark alleyways, on the star terrace, at a restaurant in Sifangjie; and they are also ahead of us. We head back as new people, changed men and women, or simply being the same old 8th graders, with the same old smiling, chatting, laughing. We might smile at each other and celebrate what we have done, what we have experienced, what we have finished; or we may choose to ignore.
A beautiful thing happened on Day 26. Simple pinky promises. It means so little, yet so much. Friendships last in Microcampus, because we now know who we are, and who others are to us. We care for others. We love for others.
So Why Did I Come To Microcampus?
Yes, it is an opportunity to step outside of the bubble.
Yes, it is an opportunity to explore the village of Xizhou.
Yes, it is an opportunity to connect.
Yes, it is an opportunity to inquire.
Yes, it is an opportunity to experience.
But what else?
What has made Microcampus such an amazing experience?
Microcampus is seeking chances.
Microcampus is understanding ourselves.
Microcampus is appreciating others.
Microcampus is stepping up.
Microcampus is becoming a leader.
Microcampus is becoming a follower.
Microcampus is to love.
Microcampus is to reflect.
Microcampus is a family.
Microcampus is so many things,
There is no single definition.
Because Microcampus is all of us, all of us together.


Microcampus experience

Awesome!  I really can tell you learned a lot during this 28-day adventure.  Exceptional job done!

Your connections and activities in Xizhou will definitely be memorable after you come back.  

As we talked over the phone the other day, our family might consider to visit Xizhou next year during this amazing program.

Hey I am Clark! Microcampus has been a spectacular experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. This experience transformed me and taught me many life lessons. Now that I am in Shanghai, I miss the clear skies, the amazing food, and all the loving memories the Voyagers crew had together. To future Microcampus students: cherish your time in Xizhou and always listen to Mr. T and Ms. Mai, as they are trying to stop a problem before it becomes one.