Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

In December 2014, Charlotte K and the rest of the Ignite group came back from their trip to Microcampus. As Charlotte's little brother, I was treated to a firsthand account about all the good parts and bad parts about her trip. Fixated on the bad parts, I could only think of Microcampus as this scary trip that only the hardcore, disciplined people would really go to. I was worried about not being able to work well with others, about missing out on my social life in Shanghai. Above all, I was worried that I might make serious mistakes there too and face terrible consequences. I would not want to go on the experience. 

Two years later, I matured a little bit. From previous alumni and teachers, I learned a little bit more about how Microcampus would be like. Microcampus was not nearly as bad as my initial expectations. Keeping an objective view in mind, I decided all the positive parts of Microcampus outweighed the negatives multiple times over. I made this decision myself, disregarding my family's advice. I knew I was doing the right thing, especially since none of my close friends would be here. Why did I want to do this? I wanted to slip up and make mistakes with a whole-hearted effort, and challenge myself to recover with little outside help.

Now, I have spent a whole month in Xizhou, and I do not regret my decision to come here. I made a multitude of mistakes and prevented many more. I resolved those errors, looked past them to the larger experience, learned from those errors and prevented those same mistakes from repeating. I have completed the Microcampus experience, and with what I have learned, I know that I will return an improved person with no regrets about what happened here.

Hi! I am Marco, a student of SAS from 2006 to 2017. I was part of the Tactical trip, which was in Xizhou during May 2017. My family comes from Hong Kong. I have two twin sisters who are two years older than me. One of them, Charlotte K, is a Microcampus alumni. I love to read, learn and take risks, all of which I have done plentifully in Microcampus. I have had so much fun in Xizhou, especially as I improved myself and realised so much about rural China. What I have learned in Xizhou is truly unforgettable and important to me.