Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Before the arrival in Xizhou, I had come to Microcampus simply because my sister had told me that it was "incredible". I did not realize the extent of just how incredible it is. Microcampus taught me things that I would have never learnt in school, showing me how to explore, take risks, self-discipline. If not for all three of those categories, there would be no Service Learning project or Inquiry Project to upload. 

I came to stretch myself. Instead of sitting in a classroom staring into a textbook, we were encouraged to go outside the house whenever possible, and learn from other people's stories. After all, the truest history is one of a person's. Instead of fiddling with our smartphones around the dinner table, we talked, smiled, and laughed from our conversations. Instead of staying within the bubble SAS and Shanghai have created for me, I learnt how to pop it and feel free in my own decisions, confident in the choices I make.

I came to see things that I could not have imagined viewing twenty-something days ago. I came to wake up in a place where buildings did not scrape the color out of the sky and gray did not hover over me at all times. Yes, the atmosphere is absolutely stunning, but I am not just talking about the environment. I came to see people as well. To listen to them and build connections; something I would never have the chance to do in Shanghai. 

I came to improve. I came to understand the means of responsibility, learning from my own mistakes rather than from the adults around me. I realized that the "ripple effect" could potentially become a tsunami, if one fell behind drastically. I learnt, not immediately, but over the course of 28 days, to build a raft that could ensure my safety. This raft was not made out of wood. It was made out of all the take-aways I had from following the Microcampus process. It was made from the bits and pieces of courage, compassion, and management I collected throughout this journey.

Yes, Microcampus is incredible. However, it is incredible in all the ways you do not expect it to be.


My name is Mia C., and I am Taiwanese. Although born in Taiwan, I am also American and Canadian. This year marks my 11th year of living in Shanghai, and my 6th year attending SAS. I enjoy trying new things and understanding the world around me, so Microcampus seemed like the perfect opportunity. The experience was more than I could have ever imagined and I hope to return to Xizhou soon.