Day 28: Why I Came To Microcampus

When I first got to know this program, I have no clue about what this is. Now, as a Microcampus veteran and the recipient of a team-high 7 Jammy Awards, this is a letter of advice to my "younger self."

Dear Younger Barton,

Please MAKE BACKUP PLANS and trust the process. Let the accolades speak for themselves. Just give 100% and so I will not fade into oblivion in the sea of Alumnus. Please, younger self, be more open. I know I did receive an award about making good connections. But if I hit the ground making connections, I will have many more meaningful connections. Please take more responsiblity and propel the group at the start. This is a canoe, not a cruiseship. Everyone has to man their own guns. When you arrive in Xizhou, be kind and be courteous. Embody the Microcampus spirit. If you want to know the secrets of the Hall or winning Jammies, it is to give all you have on whatever task is at hand. Trust the process and go with it, it is built to make Hall of Famers. Of course, remember to take in some wisdom from not only Hamilton, but "ordinary" people here. Actually, no one is ordinary. Everyone shines brightly in their own way. Please enjoy Xizhou, the people, the air, the scenery, and celebrate the growth that comes with it. 







Great job!

To Barton C
So far I only read your introduction and your journal. That 's incredible! I couldn't open the film on my cell phone yet, I will try it on my PC this weekend.YOU ARE SPECIAL & AMAZING!
My husband is also a fan of history, I asked him if he knew anything about the Flying Tigers? He said he heard about it, so we will watch your film together!

Hi there! My name is Barton C. I am born in Shanghai and this is my 4th year in this school. I am fluent in Chinese and in English because the former is my mother tongue and the latter is a language I have been speaking since I was one. I have been golfing for quite a bit of time. I am also an avid fan of the Detroit Tigers baseball team and I have a great passion for studying the history of aviation. I love reading in my spare time and my favorite genres are historical fictions and non-fictions set during World War II. I am studying the Flying Tigers and their lasting impact. Microcampus is like a chain of adventures, you have to meet them head on and there's no dodging it. Christopher Columbus once said that "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." This is a reminder to see obstacles in front of you but still step out of the comfort zone.