Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

I came to this trip mostly because I wanted a break from school, to get out of my comfort zone, experience China and to experience what my sister had told me. I did not notice how much responsibilities and freedom we had in this trip. Responsibilities started even before the start of the trip, it started when we have received an email from Mr. Tafel that we have to complete our phase 0. I was amazed because I thought Mircocampus work started during the trip. This had made me understand from the beginning that Microcampus would be challenging as there would be responsibilities I would not have in Shanghai especially where we cannot work after 8 pm. With so many responsiblites and when we meet or excel these respnsiblities, we also have so many freedom like where we can choose for wellness and other activies. I learned that this a very good life skill as when you have met your responsiblities, you would get the freedom you want to have. How well Microcampus goes is made from ourselves with countless responsibilities that we have to achieve and get the freedom. This is the reason why each trip is so different. 

What I learned from Microcampus, a twenty eight day, four weeks experience, is more than my reasons of coming here. I learned many lessons from Mr. Tafel, but my favorite was the importance of habits (Jounal Day 6) that will lead us to become more successful for our future journey. You may ask what is the importance of habits? As Aristole, had once said "we are what we repeatly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit. " From that day on, I learned that actions, characterisitic and decisions are all because of habits and when you want to do something different of these actions, characterisitic and decisions, we have to change our habits which is never an easy thing to do. When I wanted to come here to get out of my comfort zone, it is not one time but multiple times and I think I have achieved in some areas. I would say when you achieve a habit into you is when it comes naturally and you are not trying hard to do it. I think talking with strangers have become one of my habits, the reason is becuase I feel so natural, no anxiety to talk to strangers. I think this has been a great improvement and I think the most important part in this quotes is the continue with the habit so you would not lose the habit. So I would like to continue all the good habits I have learned like 4 H's, exercising everyday and more. 

Microcampus also made me understand myself better and the flaws and strength that I have as a person. I understood many values (not wealth and status) that I would need in my life to improve and be who I really want to be. A  habit I really want to start learning is to stop comparing myself with others as it always turns out I feel horrible about myself. I also discover new interest that I never knew before like making videos, meditation and more. Microcampus to me has really opened myself to reflect on myself and how I live life. Out of all I learned, this is the most important becuase knowing myself so well is a bridge to becoming who I really want to be. I am so glad that I attended the Microcampus trip and I have never learned so much about myself, more knowledge in these twenty eight days. I woud last of all want to thank everyone who has impacted me in this trip with all my heart because these changes of habits and noticing myself would have never been realised without them. 

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am in the Superior Group. I am from Hong Kong and I came to SAS in second grade. I am so glad that I have attended Microcampus and living in Xizhou is a bliss to experience. The beauty of the Xizhou will never dissolve away in my mind where there are mountain peaks of ice and green garlic fields flowing through the grass land. I miss this experience so much and I hope the future microcampers will feel this experience as special as I did.