Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

As inconceivable as it is, today is the last day of Microcampus. The 28 days, 672 hours, or 40,320 minutes has gone by within the blink of an eye, and it is hard to grasp that we will be boarding a plane back to Shanghai soon. The whole experience in this village seems surreal now, akin to some type of dream; I could never compare my life back in Shanghai to every day here in Xizhou. 

The ultimate day of the entire trip brings an opportunity to reflect and reminisce back to the reasons that we had in mind when we joined Microcampus. One of the foremost and biggest reasons that I wanted to embark on this trip is that I viewed it as a unique opportunity to taste the life and culture of a different region. When I learned Microcampus' Big Four, or its vision—engaging in experiential learning, stimulating personal growth, expanding intercultural understanding, and leaving a positive impact—I was immediately prompted to take a closer look at the program. This opportunity is unlike any China Alive trip we have experienced before, in which we just wander around in hotspots as nothing more than tourists. I joined mainly because I acknowledged the "mission statements" that the program had and thought that these visions contrasted greatly from the trips that I am used to, and also want to try this program out for myself. 

The Microcampus program lasts for a month, which is about the longest I have ever been away from my family. I joined this program with the hopes of strengthening my independence as I will need it when I attend university and build my own life. I wanted to be by myself for a prolonged period of time to experience how I would feel during this time. It is a good opportunity for disciplining myself and doing the right thing regardless of whether or not somebody is with me.

Last but not least, I simply wanted an event that I will look back to in the future and think: I am proud that I did this. Microcampus is an experience that could not compare, and I am honored that I had the opportunity to undertake this journey with five other people. I have gained an unfathomable amount of knowledge, lessons, and values that I can use in my future life, and I will always remember what I had learned during these life-changing 28 days. 

Hi! My name is Angela and I am a student from Shanghai American School. I was a part of the Superior Microcampus group, and staying at Xizhou for the all of March in 2017 was something I will never forget. It was one of the most difficult, frustrating, uncomfortable, and unforgettable opportunities I will ever have the honor of experiencing. I had learned so much values and knowledge over the course of those 28 days, and these lessons are what I will be carrying with me for the years to come.