Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Microcampus. The first time I heard this word, I was intrigued. I have always loved adventures and Microcampus was a perfect chance for one. There were also the obvious reasons, the fact that it was so far from Shanghai, in a village I have never been to, made it very appealing. I had also previously heard so many things about this trip, alumni talkĀ about their trip as the best month of their lives. But I just could not imagine, what was so amazing about this trip? Well, I could only find out if I joined.

As I got more immersed in the program, I was getting more worried than excited about this trip. I started dreading the day, I knew there would be SAS, Inquiry, and Service Learning work. I knew there would be conflicts with peers, and that I would miss my family and friends immensely. But then the thought that I would get the freedom to explore the village and pursue my interests encouraged me to continue with this program. From past alumni, I have also heard that the food is delicious, and that thought kept me motivated for a pretty long time.

Ever since I have boarded the plane, I have not had a doubt whether this trip was worth it or not. The moment I saw this village, I knew that this month would be memorable. Everyday, I learned something new; everyday, I grew as a learner. And slowly and steadily, my reasons for coming to Microcampus changed. Instead of looking at this trip as something fun or exciting, I looked at it as an opportunity for growth. I came to Microcampus so I could expand my horizons by going beyond my comfort zone, understanding different cultures, trying new things, solving problems, and having a positive impact.

Now, as my trip is nearing the end, I have a new reason as to why I came to Microcampus. I came to Microcampus because I wanted to meet new people. I came to make connections. I came to experience the journey that some of my friends have experienced before me. I came to form bonds with my classmates and villagers. I came to make friends. I came to love.

Hi, I'm Nicole L. I was part of Group Phenomena, and my Microcampus journey is now over. I am currently back from Xizhou. I have now left Shanghai American School but I will forever remember Xizhou, as it was one of the best months of my life. You will not regret coming to Xizhou, and I wish future Microcampus students a journey as amazing as mine!