Day 28: Why I Came To Microcampus

Why did I bother to abandon school to go on a 4 week trip to Xizhou? Well, here is the answer. For quite some time, my mother has been bringing up the subject of microcampus over and over again to me since the last two years. It is certainly accurate to say that I got a bit frustrated after all her effort that I had actually took notice on Microcampus. When I took notice during sometime near the start of 8th grade, I asked myself: "Is this place worth going?" Right now, I would had said maybe. But before I came, my answer was a yes. After my mom made me look at the microcampus site, I saw lots of honest positive comments people wrote on the blog, which also motivated me to go. I am pretty independent during that time, I was perfectly aware that there would be challenges, and I am also aware that there are valuable rewards if I joined microcampus. There is no way I could had signed up without knowing these things. So overall, It was mostly me that made me go to Xizhou, but then there is this part where your parents wanting you to go, which is another reason why I want to join microcampus; I had enough of those controlled styles of parenting back at home. 

Nothing has really changed me a lot during this trip. I was still independent, I was still completing objectives according to my own schedule, and I was still thinking the same ways of relaxing as before. However, still changed a bit. I became more aware of how life was before and even more about myself. This trip revealed my inner character and this is my first time getting to see some of the characteristics about myself. One thing I realised about myself is that I do better when I am alone so I do not get distracted by other group members.

It is a bit sad that I already visited numerous chinese old towns before I came to Microcampus because that basically ruins most of the experience you get in Xizhou. The experience I took away from Xizhou is their tradition, people, and the visual details of Xizhou. 

So overall, I would still like to thank Mr. T and Ms. Mai for arranging this trip. Even though there is no real way to thank them, I would still like to thank them for revealing my inner character and this One Really Exciting Opportunity!



Hello everyone! I am currently 14 years old and I was born in New Jersey, United states of America. I lived my first year of my life in New Jersey before I moved and lived at Shanghai ever since. Because I finished my required phases, (Hooray!) I am now at a wonderful place in China called Xizhou.