Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Why I came to Microcampus. That is a question I never really had the answer to, because my answer was always changing. At first, the reason as to why I wanted to come to Microcampus was because I wanted to see China without all of the cars, technology, and the noise. But after 27 days in the village, my answer is still uncertain, because there are so many reasons as to why I came to Microcampus. Now as my time is now up in the village, I know that Microcampus is worth coming to and being a part of since I have learnt so much about myself and the people around me. When I talk about people, I am not only talking about my peers, I am also talking about my teachers and the people here in the village. I know that I came to Microcampus to expand intercultural understanding, but at first I didn't really know what it meant, now I know. 

If I were to come to Microcampus again, I know the reasons as to why I would sign up would be different. It would not be to see China outside of its 'bubble', it would be to understand the people in the village better and to grow more as a person. This journey has been truly amazing. No words can describe the journey that we have embarked on, because all these memories that are captured in pictures and videos cannot be spoken in words, they will be with us forever. These are the memories that shape us and that have changed us, so these memories will forever be remembered. 

I am Chantal L. from Group O.R.E.O. my journey has come to an end, but there are many groups who have not started their journey yet. But anyways, CL to SH ETR TBD.

This journal post, this day marks the end of a chapter, but it marks the beginning of another one.


Why I Came to Microcampus

Hi Chantal,

First of All, welcome back home!

27 days should be a very short moment in your life but the journey of 27 days will defnitely be the greatest and warmest experience how to grow embracing with people and new environment. This experrience will have tremondous value for your entire life with your physcial and psychological preparation of this journey upon travel planning and mentor guidance and also four weeks living experience independently, as well as surrounding your mates and friends; working with the Villiage people and gaining the intercultural communication skills, and etc.  

We are pleased to see you coming back home with even more disciplined manner. We are also glad to learn from you with all the beautiful and exciting moments you had with the people during this trip.

It is no doubt this trip is worthwhile becuase you had invitied the family to visit XiZhou next year, and you will be the tour guide for us!

Love you!  From Mom and Dad.



Hi, I am Chantal L. I was born in Toronto, Canada and I moved to Shanghai when I was 2. I have now finished my Microcampus journey, and I have seen China outside of its bubble. I wanted to go to Microcampus because I could learn about other cultures and see China from a different perspective and to enjoy time with my peers and time with China. Now that I have experienced China outside of the bubble, I will always remember this time of my life since I have learnt more than I have in years. So thank you for this opportunity, this really has been one really excellent opportunity.