Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Before I came to Microcampus I wanted to come to get outside of my comfort zone, experience real China and mature as a person. While I still cared about what my first 2 reasons I was really looking forward to coming home to Shanghai more mature and responsible. I had this idea that I might go through some sort of transformation and come back different.

Although, I probably did change on Microcampus I now realize that Microcampus does not change a person, it gives them the choice to change themselves. If you approach Microcampus with a good attitude and decide that you want to learn from the experience then you will end up with the knowledge that enables you to change yourself. If you approach Microcampus with a bad attitude then all you will end up with is a bad experience and a wasted month where someone else could have gone and had a good experience.

I enjoyed interacting with the locals. In Shanghai people usually do not stop on the street to talk to some one or go up to some one random and hit up a conversation. That was a requirement at Microcampus and the locals could not have been more cooperative and kind. I hope I will be able to bring back a little bit of the Xizhou experience and friendliness to Shanghai.

I strongly recommend Microcampus to all future 8th graders and urge current 8th graders to reapply. My time in Xizhou taught me so much about myself, leadership, followership (being a good follower) and myself. My only regret is not applying the second applications were opened. Every piece, mistake and success was a part of the experience, even though I may have messed around and got behind on my work I do not regret it because it showed me that I needed to change. 


Mature Young Man

Who are you and what have you done with my son Cole?  WOW!  That's pretty deep stuff.  How insightful and mature to come away with that way of thinking.  If you keep that attitude you can do anything you want and be a huge success.  I knew you could do it.  I just didn't know that you would come home such a mature young man.  You have been given such a special gift.  Not just the gift of travel, meeting interesting people, trying new things but a gift of gratitude, insight, understanding and awareness.  But most of all  you received the gift to see yourself with open eyes and be willing to change.  I am so proud of you.  I can't wait to see what your future holds for you.  I love you more each day,  Mom

Cole, I am so proud of you,

Cole, I am so proud of you, and am really looking forward to seeing you soon. The experiences you have had at camp will be good for you in the future. Love you.
Grandmama Williamson

Hi, my name is Cole and I am a student, who is a part of an amazing experience known as "Microcampus". What I and my peers are doing is going out to a village called Xizhou. In Xizhou we will be escaping the "bubble" we live in in Shanghai. In Xizhou I am and will continue to experience real Chinese culture.