Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

Microcampus is over, and with it, my experience in this village. One of the required questions in the Microcampus application went along the lines of: "Why do you want to go to Microcampus?" In response, I answered something along the lines of: "I would like to experience the village, and I believe it will make me a better person." After four weeks, I believe that the answer will vary significantly from that which I initially answered.

Now that Microcampus is over, I am required to answer a similar, but, at the same time, very different question: "Why did I come to Microcampus?".

"Microcampus does not build character; it reveals it." I believe I came to Microcampus in order to find who I am, instead of making myself a better person. Instead of creating myself, I reestablished and found who I am. I know this because I had experienced hints of these qualities before, such as hardworking under necessity, and large amounts of focus.

I also came out to Xizhou in order to push myself out of my bubble, or comfort zone. This has allowed me to learn, adapt, and become more responsible, wise, and independant person. This has also occured through the pressure of meeting expectations, following rules, and completing responsibilities.

I also came to learn. Not only from the designated teachers, but from the village as a whole, as well as myself. Through my learning, I learned much: about 20th century history, recent history, the village, and the world.

In addition, but slightly less so than the above, I came to Microcampus to relax. While that may seem like strange statement, given all the stress I have been writing about in the past few days, it is, nevertheless, true. The village of Xizhou is a very relaxing environment, and given rules that "require" relaxation, such as bedtime at 10, and a wake-up at roughly 7 AM in order for nine hours of sleep, the Microcampus experience has been fairly relaxing.


Sean, I am sorry I come to

Sean, I am sorry I come to read your writing late. I hope you don't mind---after all it is out here in the cyber space so anyone can read it. Just think of me as someone who happens to come across your postings and leave a few remarks. I am glad you had the opportunity to come to Xizhou not just as a visitor, as we often are when we travel, but really take the time to build a connection to this place. I am actually a bit jealous because it seems hard to do on one own. Perhaps, it is something at least we could try when we travel next time. Yes, it would be harder than just stay on the surface and take a few shallow pictures. But I think what we get out of it is worth the efforts. This is what I learned from you...

Hello, my name is Sean, and I am currently attending eighth grade at SAS Pudong. I am 13 years old, having lived in Shanghai for only one year so far, after living in Illinois for ten. In terms of Chinese, I can hold my own in a conversation, but otherwise can't do much else. I have one sibling, a sister in fourth grade. My passions include reading, playing sports, science, playing the trumpet, and being outdoors.