Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

I thought I was coming to Microcampus for many reasons. To discover a new culture, and to step outside of the bubble etc. Microcampus was much more than that. I experienced so many things and I also learnt a lot about myself. I learnt some strengths and weaknesses that I have, and also what I am extremly bad at. I have made some small mistakes, and also some big ones. Thorugh that I have realized the extreme levels of procrastination that I have, and also sometimes I have an inability to follow rules.

"Microcampus does not build chanrecter, it reveals it." That is always repeated here on Microcampus. It is so true. I doubted that at the beggining, and I didn't think much about it. I thought of it as just another quote from Mr T. After about the 3rd week, it really took a toll on me. I started realizing how much my charecter traits were shinning through. 

That to me is a bit of what Microcampus is about. Self Discovery. I realized what I was, loud, but of course many other things. I came to Microcampus, not only to emerse in the culture and local life. But it was about personal growth and discovery. 

I came to Microcampus to learn about myself. To be apart of the culture, and to step outside of my comfort zone. I stepped outside of my comfort zone during the hike, and being away from my parents for a whole month. I dived into the culture everyday, in Sifang Jie and also whenever I went to town. And I did grown up things, I bought my own things, and I went to the bank. I also learnt during work times, that I am loud, I procratinate, and I cannot focus. But Microcampus taught me how to control and realize these things. 

I came to Microcampus to learn about myself, others, and to become a bigger version of myself.



Hi Hannah,
My final chat with you. I am very happy with your self discovery. You have discovered who you are and hopefully you will walk with this discovery inside you forever. Well done gorgeous girl. I'm very proud of you.
Your loving grandmother, Gay xx

I am 13 years old and I am from Ballarat Australia, in Victoria. I have lived here in Shanghai for the past 10 years, and I am almost fluent in Chinese. My hobby is writing monologues and preforming them, I love to act, and hope to one day make a living out of Acting and Singing. I have arrived in Xizhou, and I am super exited. We are in the village and have been around, and it looks like it will be a place I will enjoy and remember forever. My Inquiry Project is about Education in Xizhou, where I will be studying perspectives on education, and also the Education System.