Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

At the end of 7th grade when we were given a presentation about microcampus I was not interested in coming at all. Then in 8th grade I was contemplating whether to come to microcampus. I finally decided to come because I realized what an oppurtunity it was that I did not want to miss. I knew most other schools probably do not have a program like microcampus. 

Another reason I resolved to apply for this trip was because I was looking to be more independant. In Shanghai it is tougher to be independant with all of your friends constantly with you five out seven days a week. In Xizhou, they are not constantly with you and although they can contact you through skype or texting you are not always with them. To add on, the inquiry project calls upon being independant and working on you own project and looking for people to interview. Finally, you are not always supervised by a teacher and you go out in the village by yourself.

One last motive that caused me to come on this trip was scenery. I really enjoy the sun and being outdoors in nature. Being couped up in your room after school doing homework gets boring. The deafening noises and gloomy days of Shanghai also caused me to yearn for a peaceful always sunny area, which is Xizhou


I am currently 13 years old and my birthday is on June 6. I was born in Michigan and lived in 5 different places. This is my 3rd year living in Shanghai. I have 2 older sisters in 12th and 10th grade and 1 younger sister in 6th grade. I enjoy hiking/being outdoors and playing sports, especially basketball. I learned lots about Xizhou and myself. I miss the peace and sunny days there.