Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

When I was applying for Microcampus all that time ago, I had a few reasons why I wanted to go to Microcampus. I had wanted to be independent and interact with the locals. I also remember saying I wanted to see how privileged I was and appreciate what I have. These were some reasons why I wanted to Microcampus before hand.

I think that what I gained from Microcampus is different from what I had originally wanted. But it is just as good. I found that I was already pretty independent and coming to Microcampus only helped “exercise” that. I realized that what I thought was not independent was actually pretty independent. I did not become more independent when coming to Microcampus. As for interacting with locals, I did gain from that. I was able to make some connections even though I couldn’t speak Chinese. During interviews, I was able to make connections with Zhang lao shi. He seemed really excited and happy to be able to tech me about architecture. He was really friendly and nice, and he was also super helpful.

Though I did not gain all the things I had originally thought I was going to Microcampus for, I did gain other things. For example, I found that I really liked to learn. I liked being able to go around and interview people. I was able to interact with locals, as well as gather information for my Inquiry Project. I realized that I was having fun going out on all the interviews. When ever I had a new haul of facts, I would become excited. This had never happened before, but I have a feeling it will continue to happen when I back to Shanghai.

Going to Microcampus opened a lot of doors for me. I realized some things about myself as a student that will be really helpful in the future. I hope future students also take useful things away from going to Microcampus. One thing is for sure, Xizhou changes you.


My name is Kristen, and I am 13 years old. I am in 8th grade at SAS Pudong. Before moving to Shanghai last year, I had only ever lived in Glendale, California. Though I am a quarter Chinese, quarter Japanese, and half Korean, I sadly do not speak any language besides English. I have an older brother who also attends SAS, and is in 11th grade; we don't get along well. I also hate spiders and scary movies. Some of my hobbies include reading, drawing, and watching T.V. I am currently in Xizhou, and it already feels like a second home. I am very excited to experience more of Xizhou as the trip goes on.