Day 28: Why I Came To Micrcampus

The two main reasons in why I came to Microcampus was to understand myself and to grow as a person. I understood that everyone will crack under pressure and usually, it is not pretty when we do that. During my 28 days in Microcampus, I realised that I needed to space out everything. Even though I could finish everything on time in Shanghai, even if it is the last minute or so, I could still finish a lot of things. But in Microcampus, all of the projects are long-term and I just can not finish a project in one day. So now I understand the importance of having everything spaced out equally and not all bunched up. Another thing that Microcampus has taught is that I have to be truthful with myself to lead a happy life, one without lies. I must be truthful to myself to my truthful to others, and if I want other to trust me I have to make sure that I will not tell any lies to anyone. Microcampus really helped me understand myself and I really hope that those changes do not go back to what they were before because than that would just be a waste of things. 

Hi everyone! My name is Henin C. and I am a 13-year-old attending Microcampus. I am from New Zealand and moved back to Shanghai, China two years ago. Xizhou, Yunnan, is a wonderful place where the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy and white. I am already settled in and my Inquiry Project is already on its way and getting complete. The people of Xizhou are very friendly and they greet everyone when they happen to see someone.