Day 28: Why All This?

Here I am, feeling slightly guilty for feeling guilty for not wanting to relive all the embarrassments of Microcampus. I know that those moments have to happen in order for me to grow, and that's why I'm here. This will probably be the latest journal post ever in all of Microcampus, and the reason is because I have been waiting to feel the effects of the changes that Microcampus brought in my life.
At first, I felt strange for the first few days back in Shanghai. However, whenever I meet a stranger, I tend to feel the urge to try to understand what his or her story is. Otherwise, I would feel like as if I missed out on an opportunity just because of frivolous reasons such as shyness or norms. Now, I want to understand myself through conversations that I have with others. I want to grow more even after I have grown so much.
I went to Microcampus thinking that I should grow up and learn more about something and everything. I still believe that that was valid reason for leaving Shanghai; however, I have realized that Microcampus not only expanded my knowledge, but also my abilities as well. I am more able to understand the body language of others than before, and whenever I "cross the line" between well-mannered and disrespectful, I would know. I believe I understand the kinds of people that I want as friends, and the kinds that would be in my best interest to avoid. 
Microcampus has allowed me to open my eyes and see more of the opportunities that are offfered to me. All I have to do is reach out for them. Furthermore, Microcampus helped me improve my speaking and interviewing abilities. I also have a newfound want to travel and indulge in new cultures and environments. As a matter of fact, I will leave for New York in a few days. Growth is inevitable, and I am glad that I grew during Microcampus, for this program led me the right way. 

I was a thirteen-year-old girl who liked daydreaming a little too much. I was born in Vancouver, Canada and lived there during the beginning years of my childhood. Ever since, I have been confused as to whether I'm Canadian or Chinese. Microcampus allowed me to see a different perspective of this world, have a better idea on how people play a part in this world, and how I can contribute to it.