Day 27: Wrapping Up

Day 27 of Microcampus was meant for us to wrap everything up and say goodbye to our home for the month, Xizhou. We finished all of the big projects including final product for our inquiry projects and the final service learning video, and I felt very accomplished. On Day 27 we worked on our final wellness reflection and some wrap up work we missed during the process. When I looked at the list of things to get accomplished, I felt like I missed so much in 28 days, and I had to catch up as much as I can. I had to work on some reflections for my final videos and products. I also had to catch up with some journals that I missed; it was quite a panic. After catching up with work, I sat down quietly and appreciated the last full day at Microcampus. I would like to thank Mr. T, Ms. Mai, Ms. Zhao, and Ms. Chu for taking care of us for the past month and making this Microcampus experience a great one.

Hi, I am Yisu and I was a student at Microcampus. I was born in Shanghai and lived in Shanghai for almost all of my life so far, so I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and get out of the big city. My topic for Microcampus was Bai Minority Culture because it was something new for me and I was interested in minority cultures in China. It was hard to leave Xizhou and go back because Xizhou was where we called home for 28 days.