Day 27: Wrapping Up

Today is the last full day at Microcampus. It is the day to say our goodbyes and pack our bags. Today everything has to be up to date ad completed. Tomorrow we are going home. I am very excited to see my parents and my friends back in Shabghai and can't wait to be home. However, I will miss the kindness of the people and the food of Xizhou.

My name is Yannick and I am currently 13 years old. I am new to SAS and to Shanghai in general. In my life, I have experienced many different cultures as I have lived in many countries, like Mexico, Germany, China (Beijing), Sweden, Canada, Italy, and now Shanghai. In my free time I like to travel and explore different cultures. My hobbies include, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Reading, and spending time with my friends and family. I am very excited to be on the Microcampus trip because I think it will be a very valuable experience and that it will be one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. I have returned from Xizhou having learned so many great things and having had so many life-changing experiences and am missing Microcampus a little more every day.