Day 27: Wrapping Up

Since, today is our last full day we are going to use the time to pack up, say our final goodbyes and do any last things that we wish too. Today I headed down with Noam to Mr. Yang, the cormorant fisher, to give a picture that we took when we were on Lake Erhai and say my final goodbye. I am grateful that we will be returning to Shanghai only to begin winter break. I will use that time to rest and catch up on any missing assignments from school. 

We will be leaving straight after breakfast tomorrow, which will give us 11 hours to reach the airport. The reason we are leaving so early is because one microcampus group got stuck in traffic for four hours and missed their check-in. We will have no time to pack up tomorrow so I need to pack up today. The experiences I had here are beyond words and I appreciate all of the staff for keeping us in order.

I am currently 13 years old and my birthday is on June 6. I was born in Michigan and lived in 5 different places. This is my 3rd year living in Shanghai. I have 2 older sisters in 12th and 10th grade and 1 younger sister in 6th grade. I enjoy hiking/being outdoors and playing sports, especially basketball. I learned lots about Xizhou and myself. I miss the peace and sunny days there.