Day 27: Wrap Up

Today is the last full day of Microcampus and it is definitely something that I am going to remember. Today was mainly spent wrapping things up. Firstly, I went over all of my projects to make sure that they were completed and approved. Then I started to do these things called Buddy Checks. The point of Buddy Checks is to make sure that the others in the group are also caught up in the process. After having all of my tasks completed, I started to get ready to eat out with my Service Learning partner, Mr. Yang at a restaurant known as the Golden Flower. Today was mainly spent trying to get ready for our departure tomorrow, and I think that I am ready for that. I will see all of you in Shanghai. 

My name is Jason M. and I am from Carmel, Indiana. I am currently attending SAS Pudong and I am almost at the end of eighth grade. The experience that I got from the journey to Xizohu was probably one of the best that I have had. I am really proud that I attended Microcampus, and that is because I learned a lot of not only myself but Xizhou as well. The trip to Xizhou yielded several different small experiences that added up to one huge journey. Hopefully, I can pay another visit to Xizhou sometime.