Day 27: Why I came to Microcampus

Why I came to Microcampus? There are so many possible answers to that questions. I am going to give the truthful one. I came to Microcampus for three reasons. First, I had just moved to China and I wanted to learn more about it. Second, I was told about this trip from an Alumni who enjoyed the trip. Third, I wanted to learn more about myself. 

I moved to China four months before I left for Microcampus. To be honest I was not happy about moving here. I had great friends, a great house, good school, but then all of a sudden I was moving to a different country. I was scared that I would not make friends. Or that I would hate the school. When I heard about a program that described a month-long journey of making friends and learning about 'real' China, I was game. I wanted to know more about what my new home was going to be like. This trip helped me to do that. I was able to look past the smog, the language barrier, and the fact that this was all new to me. I was going to be in a place where everyone was still learning at the same place and time as me. We all started the Microcampus journey at the same time. We all had to reach the same expectations and follow the same rules. I knew that on this trip I would be able to struggle and then learn with 9 other kids. This comforted me. I would not be the new kid. We all would be new kids to this place. I did not know how to get around or where to eat or who to talk to. That was the thing. On this trip, you get to know everyone. You learn how to get around. You try new foods and usually like them. This was one of the reasons why I came to Microcampus. 

Another reason why I came to Microcampus was because I was told about it by another student who had already done the trip. She said that it was amazing, the best month of her life. When she described the trip I was imagining something completely different. I was imagining a field trip that would be all sorts of fun. Microcampus is fun, but it is also a lot of work. She said that she learned so much and she does not regret doing this trip in any way. I thought why not and decided to give it a try. Little did I know that she was telling me about a month in my life where I will become a different person. Once I become and Alumni I will try and recommend this trip to anyone and everyone so that they can see, hear, and feel what I have. This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I do not regret this in a single way. I am so glad that I was told about this trip because not only did I make friends, learn how much my family means to me, but I I also gained a family 12 other people who will always be there for me, and I for them. 

The last reason why I went on this trip was because I was feeling lost. I had just moved to a new school, I was trying to make friends, I had to learn about a whole new country and its customs. I was a little freaked out. I was forgetting about myself while learning about other people and places. I decided that I needed a break. Not one from school, or China, but from being and Expat. I saw this trip as my opportunity to do that. I would still be in China, I would still be doing school work, but I would be able to remove myself from the hustle and bustle of being an Expat in Shanghai. I would come to a small village in rural China. I would get away from the smog, the constant city noises, the feeling of being scared. I would be in the countryside, surrounded by people who are just as curious as me about the place that I was going to. I would be able to learn alongside 9 other people who were just as clueless as me.  

This trip changed not only me but the way I see the world and myself. I now know that I need to slow down. If the pace of the world does not match mine, that is okay. I have to find a way to do my best and eventually catch up. That is what I did at Microcampus. I could not keep up with the program. So much to do, in not enough time. So I would slow down, take a deep breath, and find what the issue was and work with it until I was back on track. Not only did I use that for Microcampus, but I will use it for the rest of my life. It is okay to mess up, it is okay to make mistakes. It is not okay to not realize your mistakes and then not try to fix them. I will be able to find my mistakes and then if I can not fix it I will learn from it. This is what Microcampus is. A journey about me. I learn about me, how I impact my surroundings, and how I can be better. If someone were to ask me "What did you think about Microcampus?" or "Do you regret it?', I would answer with "No, I do not regret it. I never will. This opportunity was just what I needed. I can not thank Mr. T or Ms. Mai enough."

That is why I went to Microcampus.

Hi, I'm Lexi and I am 14 years old. I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan. My family moved to Wisconsin when I was five. Last year, I moved to California. This summer, I moved to Shanghai. I have lived in three different states and two countries. I am so glad that I was able to spend 27 days in Xizhou. I learned so much. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was on the Revival Group for Microcampus. My group left Shanghai on November 19 for XiZhou. This experience was simply a life changer. I will never forget what I have learned on that trip.