Day 27: Why I Came To Microcampus

I was one of ten students  chosen to go on a 4 week trip to Xizhou China, This trip was called Microcampus. While I have been here I studied the local games and recreation. I also Learned about the culture here and some information about myself. Going on this trip was a great adventure and I am glad that I got to go. I have had an amazing time here and I will be sad when I have to leave very soon. although I will be sad to leave I will also be happy to see my family (and dogs) once I get back .

For the past week or so we have been working on a project called Service Learning, we just finished this project a few days ago and it took a lot of work to make. We basicly had to make a short documentary about the life of someone we met in the village. On our last full day yesterday we invited our Service Learning partner who we made the video about to come and watch the video that we made. you can watch it on my Service Learning page (linked above). It took a lot of work but it was worth it in the end.

Another project that I worked on was the Inquiry Project, I mentioned this briefly in the introdution but did not go into much detail. In this project I went out into the village and talked to local people about my topic, my topic was local hobbies and recreation. This project required me to get out of my comfort zone and learn about this. I also made a video about this which is on my Inquiry Project final product (also linked above)

Overall this trip has been a great experience and an exciting adventure to go on. I cannot believe that it is almost over and I will be home soon. It seems like I have not been here very long, much less a month. It has been a great time out here and I am happy that I got to come. See you soon.

I am 13. I went on a trip to Xizhou in November/December of 2016. This was my first time being outside of a major city in China. It also was the longest time I had been away from my family at that point. I had a great month out in Xizhou and I was sad when I had to leave. Microcampus was a once in a lifetime experience and I am glad that I went.