Day 27: The Quiet Mosque

A few days ago we had the choice to go to the mosque after we ate. For Evening activities we ate out at old town snakes. It was a excellent restaurant that served this special type of hot pot that was very good.

Afterward, we walked around for a little bit then headed to the mosque. The mosque ended up being very big and spectacular with many people streaming into attending the evening prayer. The floor was covered with beautiful carpets and was decorated quite nicely. We made sure that we were always respectful and very quiet. During the prayer, all you could hear was the head of the mosque speaking and the wind blowing. We sat through the prayer and afterward we went to this small classroom thing.

There was this classroom that afterward we sat through and it was exciting. There were a lot of ladies there singing and learning how to promote Arabic words. The language sounded very interesting and very fascinating. Afterward, I learned that they were memorizing a story and I thought that was super cool.  

I am a student at the Puxi SAS Campus, and I love an excellent outdoor adventure. In my free time, I like playing D&D or baseball with friends I hold dear to my heart. I had a great time in Xizhou, and I have learned a lot throughout the experiences here in Xizhou.