Day 27: Poems and JAMMIES!

Before the 24thd anual JAMMIE awards we had a final terrace time in XiZhou at the Linden Centre. While I was sitting there and wondering how I could keep all these wonderful moments in my head I thought of a nice poem that may make sense in different ways to different people: A man in the moon, a serpent in the clouds, silhoettes of mountains, a little white house, yellow and green fields, a square that's alive, 16 young children with light in thier eyes, stars after dark, a chair that sparks, a sun that is warm, a misquito swarm, a village full of stories to share, of the people, places and memories there. 


My name's Aneka and I'm 14 years old. I was born in Mumbai, India and have lived in Mexico, Shanghai and now North Carolina. I was at SAS for eight years before moving to the U.S at the end of my eighth grade year. I love XiZhou and miss it so much! I hope I can go back there again some day and visit all my favorite places and eat all my favorite foods(Yum!) I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and I hope that everyone who goes gets as much if not more out of it then I did.