Day 27: Packing Up and Final Goodbyes

Today was our last full day in Xizhou. Today we went around the village saying goodbye to the locals which we had connected with. It was a sad occasion because it was today that we were fitting in all of our "lasts." Our last meals in SiFangJie, our last conversations with our Service Learning partners, our last walks around the town, our last bike ride, and (for me) my last meeting with the Wang Family. I found my eight favorite photos of my time spent with the Wang family and I had them printed. During my last bike ride I went down to He Yi Cheng and delivered the photos to the family as a souvenir of our time together, and a way for them to remember me. I was glad that I did that so that the family can remember me until I return to visit. 


My name is Ryley, and I am 13 years old. I am new to SAS and China as a whole. Microcampus was an extraordinary experience, and I had such a great time in Xizhou. I had connected with many villagers as well as formed tight bonds with my peers on the trip. The village was so beautiful, and I hope I go back to visit soon.