Day 27: Our Last Full Day in Xizhou

Today was our last full day here in the village. We wrapped our stages one and two, in which we looked back at all of our work, and corrected any of the mistakes that we made regarding spelling and grammar. The stages took around two hours each. In the first stage, we were able to make money off of our peers mistakes in their Journals, Inquiry Projects, and Service Learning. We also completed our final wellness reflection, in which we looked back on the entire Microcampus journey, and reflected on it. We are so thankful to the village and the Lindens for making this month an memerable one. 

Everyone is pretty sad that we have to leave the village tomorrow!

Hi! I am Aniketh. I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, but lived in Novi for a decade. I play ice hockey, as well Dj and produce electronic music. I moved to India when I was 10, and spent a year and a half there. I then moved to Shanghai last year, and will be leaving after ninth grade. I was in Xizhou in March of 2016, and it was an amazing experience! I got to learn so much not only about the village and its history, but about me and my habits. To any of the future groups, please make sure that you follow Mr. T's directions and you get your work done on time. Enjoy your trips!