Day 27: Our Last Few Memories...

Today, we tuned everything down. In the morning, we did our Wellness Reflection and our Day 28 Journal. After lunch, we were Pitching In the whole time, packing and finishing everything up. I went out with Ye Ling do buy things for my family. I bought all the items for every member of my family, except my father. It is hard to get something for my father and it took a really long time to get something for him. In the end, I was called back because of a meeting at the Linden Centre. I thought that I would not have a present for my father. After I finished dinner, Ye Ling appeared in front of me and to my surprise, she bought a pair grass slippers for me. I was so glad. I would really, really miss Ye Ling.


I'm Wayne and I am 13. I love to adventure because it spices up my life. I have been to many places in my life but never had I gone to a place like Xizhou. Microcampus has changed me inside-out, brought me laughter and glee, and taught me many life lessons that I will remember forever. I am so glad that I had made the decision to go on this trip. This experience is truly unforgettable.