Day 27: Microcampus Journey

Microcampus has taught me so many valuable lessons and I feel as though it has shaped me into a better person as well.

Everyone on the trip has contributed some part into the end result of these 28 days and I absolutely cannot believe how fast everything has gone by. It feels as though it was just yesterday when we were given a tour of the Xizhou village and were only just introduced to each other at the Hongqiao Airport.  

I have been thinking recently, about how I viewed Yangzhuoran, Sifangjie, the local residents, and everything else that was once foreign and alien to me and how now, everything is like a home and family to me. I will truly miss every single aspect of this small quaint town. The people here are unbelievably friendly and open, the food here has its own unique traits that can be found nowhere else, and the tie-dye and architecture here is absolutely stunning and hang around the town only adding to the magnificent town.

I will, without a doubt, miss this place.

Hi, I'm Shirley X. and I was part of the 2018 Voyagers Group. I am from the United States but moved here to Shanghai in the sixth grade. After returning from Microcampus, I feel as though the experience has shaped and changed me in so many different aspects. The month long journey has helped me grow and I have learned so many lessons from the locals, the teachers, as well as my peers and hope to be able to return to the sensational town and community of Xizhou one day. After this, I will continue to apply everything I have learned to my life and onwards.