Day 27: Last Full Day in Xizhou

Day 27 was a day of mixed emotions such as relief as well as sadness. We spent our time taking care of final work responsibilities such as polishing up our assignments and journals on the Microcampus website. We also took care of cleaning up and organizing our rooms, packing luggage, and tidying up the rooms we used during our stay at the Linden Centre. After I had completed all these 'chores', I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief. I was so glad and proud of myself that I had wrapped up all of my work and that it was all taken care of. I was finished with Microcampus and all of the work that came with it. I felt like I had finished strong and plowed my way through finally.

In the afternoon, I also made time to visit and say my final goodbyes to my local contacts and the great people I had met in Xizhou. Accompanied by Mr. Jake, I visited Grandma Yang one last time to say good bye to get and buy some of her small bags with beautifully sewn patterns on them. I was only able to get two that day since most of the girls in the group went to visit Grandma Yang before me, and bought the majority of the small bags. Next, I went to pick up some special Yunnan garlic from the restaurant that was right next to the local kindergarten. We then went to visit the cheese factory, where I bought 3 large strips of cheese as well as a jar of rose jam to take back to Shanghai. Finally, I went to visit Mr. Yang, the first Dongjing musician I met with for my inquiry project research who was my good friend. I spoke with him for a while and also jammed with him one last time, playing the songs "Here Comes the Sun", "Blue Moon Nights", and "Mrs. Robinson" to name a few. Of course, it was again a great experience and we were both super happy in the moment. I didn't feel sad at this time; in fact, I couldn't stop smiling.

Hi everyone! I am currently an 8th grader attending Shanghai American School, and am so grateful to have taken part in the 2016 spring Microcampus trip! I am originally from New York City, where I loved visiting exciting places, eating favorite foods, and spending time with extended family. When I was 10 years old, my family moved to Hong Kong for better work opportunity. Even though this was a big transition at first, I learned to keep an open mind as I adapted to a new environment and found new interests and favorite things. I had to go through change again when my family moved to Shanghai in 2013. Today, I still pursue my love for the guitar, baseball, and debate. At Microcampus, I experienced life outside of the urban bubble of Shanghai city life and lived in a small village in Yunnan Province called Xizhou for one month. There, I enjoyed being immersed in a rural environment with beautiful weather, scenery, and clear air. While staying in the village, I formed many close relationships with the locals and members of the Linden Center staff through daily interaction. I also learned about myself and acquired many useful lessons throughout the trip. Microcampus was an incredible experience for me and the rest of group O.R.E.O.