Day 27: Last Day

Today was our last day in Xizhou, I am thankful for every experience I have had here. It is hard to describe Xizhou in way that people understand, you have to come here and experience it for you self. Evan picture do not give it justice. The apposing mountains in the background, the green farmland, the lake that stretches for mile and miles and the people who call this spectacular place home.

I have been up and down the mountain, around the lake and many places in between. I will miss how the clouds move in spectacular waves, coming over the mountain like a hand. I will miss saying hi to all the people I have met and learned about on the way to lunch and dinner. I will miss most of all the how majestic and peaceful it is here.




I am 14 years old and from Washington, DC. I am currently a Microcampus Alumni. I studied water treatment and pollution. Over the course of the trip I gained a better understanding of Xizhou and China