Day 27: Last Day

Today is out last day here at Microcamus and I'm sad to say goodbye. I am so glad I went on this fantastic trip with great students and teacher. Mr. T Talked about how this trip wasn't guaranteed to be great and that we would need to make it great. Well, I'm glad to say that we've made this trip amazing. We had a great balance between work and fun at the same time learning new things. I will miss Microcampus and this amazing experiences I have made here.

My name is Nolan Y. and I am an 8th grader at Shanghai American School. Going on Microcampus was a life changing experience. I was able to see rural China through the lenses of not a tourist but as a local. Microcampus had taught me so many things that I would never even imagine. I am glad I came on this 28 day trip to Xizhou to learn about parental expectations and have an experience I will hold dear to my heart for a long time.