Day 27: The Hike

Today was the last full day at Xizhou and we went on a hike to the mountains. The hike was very tiring and it took six hours to climb up and down the mountain. We went around 2600 meters up the mountain. When we went down the mountain we took a 10 minute"detour" and went through a graveyard, twice. It was tiring because we had to take our big hiking backpackes and went up steep hills. On the way down there were mossy rockes that were very slipery and Annelise and a lot of other people, including me, sliped on.

Hello I'm Kayla and I was born in Hangzhou, China. I moved to America in third grade and then moved here to Shanghai in sixth grade. I am a very outdoorsy person and I love challenges. I was in Xizhou in the Marvel Musketeers group. I am loved it in Xizhou, the food there was great and there was a lot to learn about that place.