Day 27: The Hike

Today was the last full day of Microcampus, and a feeling of melancholy followed me everywhere. However, we were able to finish things on a nice note by hiking. I mainly hiked with Annelise, Charissa, and Heon, and we were able to keep each other company throughout some trecherous trails. Once we got to the top of the mountain, a sense of relief and joy filled all of us, and we were finally able to take in the view. While we were taking a break, I also thought back to something that Mr. Tafel told me once: people who hike may feel sweaty and tired during the hike, but once they look back at the mountain they have overcome, they feel a sense of achievement. In a way, the mountain is not an obstacle...instead, it is a challenge that we have to overcome, and along the way, we also find out more about ourselves. In a way, that is also what Microcampus felt like: there were definitely bumps along the road, but in the end, everybody will miss Microcampus, and I will always treasure the days I have spent in this beautiful village.

Hello, my name is Jamie, and I was part of the Microcampus Marvel Musketeers group. My experience here at Microcampus was truly unforgettable, and I have created many memories and learned many life lessons throughout my stay at Xizhou. My inquiry project was the Bai language, and I have finished. Current and future Microcampus students are welcome to contact me for advice, and I will always remember the days I spent in the beautiful village of Xizhou.