Day 27: The Hike

Today was officially our last day in Xizhou. We spent the morning tying up loose ends. After the daily meeting, we packed our bags and said a final goodbye to our favorite locals here in the village. It was tough to part ways, but I am sure that I will visit Xizhou again in the near future. After lunch, which was made up of everyone's  favorite dishes, we embarked on the hike! I mainly hiked with Jamie, Charissa, and Heon. At first, it was tough, as we were traveling uphill at a steep angle. Sometimes, I would slip on moss, or I would have to maintain my balance on the slope by walking on my hands and knees! We were all exhausted, and we were running out of energy by the time that we had hiked uphill for 2 hours. Then, we came across the jade belt, and had an easy walk for a few hours. On this stretch, we enjoyed some beautiful scenery and still time. It is the moments like this that I will miss the most when I return to Shanghai tomorrow. On the way down (which included a few unexpected detours), we trouble shooted together until we found a way down the huge mountain. I am thrilled that I was given the opportunity to spend my last day in Xizhou surrounded by gorgeous nature with my friends and teachers. 

Hello! My name is Annelise, and I'm currently a high schooler at SAS Puxi. I'm from California, but have lived in Shanghai for over 10 years. I took part in the Microcampus program in September-October 2015 in Xizhou, China. I gained so much from experiencing the simplicity, the people, and beauty of the village. For my inquiry project, I chose to study child rearing practices in Xizhou. The connections I made, people I met, and lessons I learned in Xizhou will never be forgotten. I welcome you to follow my learning journey to see how my ideas progressed over the course of the month!