Day 27: Goodbyes

Xizhou, the people of Xizhou, the culture of Xizhou, the simplicity of Xizhou all of Xizhou would never be forgotten by me. In the 672 hours I spent in this wonderful community, I learned so much about myself and the others around me. It felt like yesterday when I walked into the doors of Yang Zhuo Ran, curious to find out more about this place. And now, I am 20 hours away from leaving. I will miss all the people I have met during my time spent here. All I can say is that farewells for now and I will definitely come back with my family in the future. I cannot believe how time flies past when you do not count the days but make every single day count.

I ❤️ Xizhou

It wasn't until I left Xizhou that I realized how much Microcampus has helped shaped me as a person. Before attending this program, I was just another girl growing up within the safe secure bubble of the big city Shanghai. Although, after a month of working through challenges and being far away from home, I noticed that I have become more independent and discipline. It has now been almost 3 months since I left the community and my family is all already sick and tired of hearing about my experience. To future students of Microcampus 2.0, cherish the days you spend in this program. I promise you will get something of it that will help you in life. Know that I will always be a source for doing 3-5s on and also open to any questions. Good Luck!