Day 27: Goodbyes

Xizhou, the people of Xizhou, the culture of Xizhou, the simplicity of Xizhou all of Xizhou would never be forgotten by me. In the 672 hours I spent in this wonderful community, I learned so much about myself and the others around me. It felt like yesterday when I walked into the doors of Yang Zhuo Ran, curious to find out more about this place. And now, I am 20 hours away from leaving. I will miss all the people I have met during my time spent here. All I can say is that farewells for now and I will definitely come back with my family in the future. I cannot believe how time flies past when you do not count the days but make every single day count.

I ❤️ Xizhou

I have lived in Shanghai for almost ten years and attended SAS for most of the time I lived here. I was 13 when I attended Microcampus with the Wildfires group. My family and I always valued experiences whether they are positive or negative. I thought that Microcampus would be a once in a lifetime experience to explore the truth of China outside our Shanghai bubble. Indeed, when I saw the welcoming smiles of the local elders, I knew that Microcampus is an experience I would never forget.