Day 27 : Goodbyes

Today was the day I have been dreading for. December 14th, Day 27, was our last full day in Xizhou.

My morning started off with stargazing. These few days have been the start of the meteor shower of genesis. When I went to the terrace at 6:50, Chris, Michael, Saleem and Mr. Tafel was already there. In the middle of the sky was the genesis twins; and the shooting stars were all going away from the direction of the two stars. In total, I saw 3 shooting stars in the sky. Waking up early was definitely worth it. 

In the morning we had our last daily meeting. I hosted the very last Microcmpus daily meetign and it was a lot better compared to the first time I did it.

In the afternoon, we were given two hours of shooping, saying final good-byes and free time since we finished packing. Henin and I went to the three streets that that Si Fang Jie leads to. we first went to get some jewelry, tapestires, scarves, ice cream and pomegrant juice. I got some souvenirs for my friends and family and some gifts for myself.  The Xizhou famous ice cream was creamy and delicious and probably the best one I had in years. After shopping, we made sure to stop by Zhou Nai Nai and say goodbye to her. She told us to come visit her agian and said that we are wonderful kids that she will never forget. Zhou Nai Nai also told us to learn to forgive people and always praise Jesus for anything her does for us, as we are very lucky and fortunate. She will definietely be one of the people that I will miss the most as she is like a grandmother to me. Before we left, she stuffed our hands with corn and rice crackers that she bought for herself in the morning market. 

During evening activity, we celebrated Chris's brithday. Even though his birthday is going to be on Sunday, we decided to celebrate it early. Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai surprisedd us with ugly brownies from the shop Sweet Tooth in Dali Old Town. The ugly brownie was made out of marshmallow, granham cracker, peanut butter, chocloate, and was very, very sweet. We also made Chris a card with all the inside jokes we created during Microcampus and drawings. 

Today was probably one of the best days of Microcampus and will miss this wonderful place named Xizhou so much!

Hey guys! My name is Hayley and I am now an alumni of the 21-st Ultimate Group. I enjoy playing volleyball, making Youtube Videos and cooking in my free time. My journey at Microcampus has been amazing and through the up's and down's, I learned so much about my inquiry project, the village, the citizens and most of all, myself. I will never forget my home away from home, Xizhou with its delicious food, blue skies, stars and kind locals. 喜州,我想你!