Day 27: Goodbye XiZhou!

Today was our last full day. To say goodbye to everyone, we had lunch outside of Yang Zhuo Ran instead of having it inside like we normally do. Melanie, Joanne, Jie Ling and I went to old Town Snacks, which is the place where many microcampus students favor. They have a special dish called the "Tafel Fried Rice," named after Mr. T. After we ate, we said our goodbyes to the owner of the restaurant, who is a very nice young lady. Mr. T then had a special treat to offer for us, which was ice cream. I chose the milk and egg flavor, the most simple and plain one.


I really had a marvellous time at XiZhou, I experienced so many thing that I would never have been able to back in Shanghai. I miss the beautiful fields and the nice villagers here. I really hope I can go back there sometime.