Day 27: Finale

Today was our last day in the wonderful Xizhou. At one o'clock, my service learning group and I went to say our goodbyes to Mr Yan. He gave us a lot of life advice, telling us to take care and look after ourselves, and that our parents will be so happy when we arrive back home. He enjoyed our final video and said it was the first time in his whole life he was involved in or knew about something like Microcampus. As we said our goodbyes, Mr Yan told us to visit him if we ever came back to Xizhou. I'm hoping I will be able to.

The afternoon was finishing everything up and packing our luggage for tomorrow's travel day back to Shanghai. I do not want to leave my home in Xizhou as everything here is so nice. I know that I have changed because of Microcampus and have learned so much about myself, and I can't thank Mr T and Ms Mai enough for that. The Linden Centre has been a great home for the past month and I appreciate everything the staff has done for us. It's going to be difficult leaving this place. I will miss everything Xizhou has to offer, but I'm hoping to visit again in the future. 

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am fourteen years old. I have an Australian passport although I was born in Hong Kong and lived there for four years before coming to Shanghai. Xizhou is so beautiful and Microcampus was an incredible experience. I hope to visit again soon!