Day 27: Final Goodbyes

Today is the last real day of Microcampus. Tomorrow is just a travel day. The month of Microcampus is coming to an end. I am going to miss Xizhou, but I am also looking forward to seeing my friends and family in Shanghai. We have to wake up at 5 in the morning tomorrow. Apparently the re-entry to Shanghai is hard, I do not know for sure. Although Xizhou feels normal, so will normal in Shanghai feel different? I do not know, but I know I am happy to see my friends and family from Shanghai for the first time in a month.


Skype and CSGO

WASSUP COLE. Miss you so much man!! Btw go on skype more, it seems easier to talk to you there then just posting these comments. I have a giant surprise for you. (well mostly the game does) CSGO ADDED A NEW WEAPON!!! It's called the "Revolver" 1 shot kill! (And it's just a pistol) IT'S NASTY! Go on Skype Cole, can't wait for you to come back. Hope you did your homework, 2 projects are due on Monday.

-From Brian Zhang

Should I have not given all your electronics away?

Shanghai and home will feel strange after a month away at such a unique place.  The house is full of Christmas decorations which I hope you will enjoy for the short time you are here.  We did donate all your electronics to a local school since I felt you wouldn't be interested in them any more after your amazing experience at Microcampus.  Everyone is excited to see you but especially me.  I can't wait to give you a big hug!  Mom

Hi, my name is Cole and I am a student, who is a part of an amazing experience known as "Microcampus". What I and my peers are doing is going out to a village called Xizhou. In Xizhou we will be escaping the "bubble" we live in in Shanghai. In Xizhou I am and will continue to experience real Chinese culture.