Day 27: Feeling the End

Today, I devoted most of my time to packing my bag, cleaning my room, and reviewing previous work. As I packed each item to its original places in the suitcase, I reflected back on the memories of the past 27 days at Microcampus. The daily routines will be replaced by the busy life back in Shanghai. There will be no more room for Still Time or walking around the village and observing the beauty of Xizhou. There will be no more common blue tie-dye skies or people who would reply my greeting with a warm smile so easily. I have learned to cherish moments, the people, and the environment. 

Despite the hardships, I really feel like Microcampus has changed my thoughts and view towards the world. No longer am I hesitant of making new connections or afraid to face real life problems. I have also acquired very useful skills such as time management and role of being a leader within a group of people. Feeling the end is a strange, queer feeling. It is a cold shiver on the skin and a moment of silence to myself, saying a farewell in my heart and acknowledging every moment that has contributed to the experience. 

Saying farewell is surely a painful task, but this pain will allow me to transition back to my normal life in Shanghai with fragments of Microcampus left vividly alive in my memory. 

I am fourteen years old and this is my 10th year in China. I have stayed in Xizhou for 28 days to learn about the unique historical background and culture of the Bai minority. My goal by the end of the trip was to develop into a stronger, open-minded individual. This opportunity provided me with different insights about China. I am glad I made this trip a valuable learning experience!