Day 27: Farewell

Today is the last full day of Microcampus and I am feeling so sad that we have to leave tomorrow. These 28 days have went so fast and I enjoyed every minute of it. I have learned so much as I have written in my day 28 Journal posts. I really want to go out to say goodbye to the villagers but I have to do my check out list which I still need to cleaning my room and packing my bags. I am going to miss this place as it has became so special to me. The good part is that we have the jammy awards later in the day and I am still very excited about who is going to get the award. 

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am in the Superior Group. I am from Hong Kong and I came to SAS in second grade. I am so glad that I have attended Microcampus and living in Xizhou is a bliss to experience. The beauty of the Xizhou will never dissolve away in my mind where there are mountain peaks of ice and green garlic fields flowing through the grass land. I miss this experience so much and I hope the future microcampers will feel this experience as special as I did.