Day 27: Dali

Yesterday evening, our whole group went to Dali Old Town. I was really excited to be able to go shop at Dali and I have heard that the food there was really good. Risa, Rachel, and I milled around for about one hour, buying some small souvenirs for family and friends. We then decided to eat, finding the restaurant was the hard part though. None of us could decide on what to eat, and most of the restaurants were bars anyway. Finally, we just decided to go into the first Western food restaurant we saw with reasonable prices. We had a good dinner with pizza and mint cookies and cream pie (at The Sweet Tooth), it was delicious. On the bus ride back, I felt so happy and full, it was such an excellent way to end our trip.

Hi, I'm Nicole L. I was part of Group Phenomena, and my Microcampus journey is now over. I am currently back from Xizhou. I have now left Shanghai American School but I will forever remember Xizhou, as it was one of the best months of my life. You will not regret coming to Xizhou, and I wish future Microcampus students a journey as amazing as mine!