Day 27: Last Night in Xizhou

Today we all had a very chill day and just worked on wrapping up and looking back at what we did. We wrote our reflections in the morning, and wrapping up in the afternoon. I really enjoyed this trip and we finished all our work. Yesterday we had our sharing with the locals and it was very fun. Today we are going to have the jammies which is very like the grammys. Other than this we just have to pack up and leave this place.

I was in the O.R.E.O. group and had a lot of fun. From this trip I changed in various ways. Also from my inquiry project I learnt about the impact of electricity in Xizhou. I have made relationships in Xizhou and it really helped me in the projects. I was born in Taiwan, but my parents are both Korean. Some of my hobbies that I enjoy doing are soccer and card tricks.