Day 27: The Hike

Today I went on a hike during this time I was wearing the Heart rate monitor, during this time when I was wearing it, in the beginning the HRM was not working so then I was resetting and but it still was not working so then right after 10min of us hiking, the HRM finally started working. Another thing during the hike was when I accidentally dropped my hat into the river and then I needed to run after it. During the Hike there were many people (well almost eryone) who had fell or at least tripped, but there was Isabelle who fell but still was laughing afterwards. Ths trip taught me too make sure that I keep going and that I am not stopping.

My name is Jacklyn M. I am 13 years old. I'm really excited to be going to Xizhou for Microcampus. I was born in Newport in Los Angeles, California, and lived in Shanghai for 10 years. I chose to go to Microcampus to learn in a different environment besides just the school. I am now in Xizhou and I will be working on Textile Productions. I can't wait for the adventure ahead of me and for all the ups and downs during this month.