Day 27: Packing Up

Today was made for inquiry project catch up and packing our suitcases. I think the most depressing part of a trip is the packing at the end. From leaving Microcampus I am both sad and happy. I am happy to see my friends and family again, but sad to lose all the freedom of our days. Microcampus has allowed me to be more free, but made me so much more responsible. 

We spent the morning doing the wellness reflection and the 'Why I Came to Microcampus' journal post, which is the next days. I basically talked about the 4 pillars of Microcampus, expanding intercultural understanding, personal growth, experiential learning, and making a positive impact.

Microcampus has truly been a once in a lifetime journey.

My name is Alex L., and I am an 8th grader at SAS Pudong. At SAS I am in MUN, the musical, and CISSA. My time at Xizhou was truly transformational. My topic was small business economics case study. I studied Mr. Zhang, a local barber. My favorite thing about Microcampus was the freedom and opportunities we got. Microcampus showed me the real experience of China and opened my mind up to many different possibilities.