Day 27: Saying Goodbye to XiZhou

Today was our last full day in Xizhou. We have already finished packing and cleaning up the common areas. My Service Learning group and I went visit our partner, Mrs. Yang. She gave us tea and we had a long conversation. She was really nice to us and shared her story with us, so it was really hard to say goodbye to her. Before visiting our Service Learning partner, we filmed our last Daily Video Shoutout named "Goodbye XiZhou." I almost cried right after filming it. I had my last dinner at the Old Town Snacks where we usually had lunch or dinner at. XiZhou food was my favorite food ever in my life, so I will miss it when I go back to Shanghai. I had made good memories here in Xizhou and considered it my home. So I will come back here with my family and grandparents in the future. Goodbye XiZhou! We will miss you! 

I am Rachel B., and I am 14 years old. I was born in South Korea and have lived most of my life in there before moving to Shanghai in 6th grade. I am passionate about choreographing, designing, modeling, playing the piano, handcrafting, studying medical science, traveling, and walking. I am very excited about going on SAS Microcampus, and taking this opportunity, I believe I will get to know myself and I expect to become a better person at the end of the trip. I was in Xizhou and made some new good experiences here. I have visited many local places and made connections with locals. It was an amazing experience.