Day 27: The Experienced Alumni

We entered as newcomers, we leave as Alumni. Today was the last full day of the Phenomena group's time here in Xizhou. Our schedule consisted of wrapping up, saying goodbye and preparing for our departure. Each student had mixed feelings today, sad to leave, but thankful for the unforgettable memories we made. We ended the day with our last evening activity - Jammies. This was a celebration of our love for our group, our friendship and the feeling of happiness we all had while here/ Personally, I know each student was happy to have this award ceremony, and we truly are family. Today was also a day of mixed feelings. We were sad to leave, but thankful or the unforgettable memories we made. Personally I know that I will never forget this month of my life. I am extremely thankful to my Phenomena Pham, for starting this month as my fellow students, but ending as my family. I am also thankful for the teachers who have become my guiders and supporters throughout this month of challenge and excitement. I love Microcampus, and I will miss it more than I could ever imagine. Goodbye Xizhou, I will never forget you!

Hello all! I am Raine-Monet W., and I was in Xi Zhou for the unforgettable Microcampus experience, as a part of the Phenomena group. Microcampus was a facet for me to further do what I love, learn more about where I live and discover who I am as a person. Being on Microcampus allowed me to see China in a different way and I will cherish the memories that I made for the rest of my life, all it took was one month in this phenomenal place.