Day 27: A Final Farewell

Day 27. Can you believe that? The last day of Microcampus. Leaving here will be like ripping a piece of me; this place has seen my laughter, my tears, and my growth. It's weird to think about how I'll no longer wake up to Annie's alarm. How I won't see Ms. Zhao and wave hello to Xiao Ming Ming on the way to lunch/dinner. How Mrs. Ma shoves candy into our hands and Mr. Ma stands and watches with his soft, gentle smile. How Mr. Huang always has time for us after each Salat. How the gorgeous clouds and the stars and the cuckoo birds will be missing from our daily routine. How I'll no longer be able to to sit at the Pavilion, talking to the locals and playing Majiang. I We've all built a life at Microcampus, and it'll be so hard to leave that life. I'm tremendously grateful to Mr. T, Ms. Mai, and everyone else who made this trip possible. Phenomena, we've grown so close throughout the duration of this trip. We've been through good days and bad days, we've seen rainbows and we've hiked through rain. I hope we all walk away from this trip as a different -- a better -- person. 

Goodbye XiZhou, you will never be forgotten. 

Hey! My name is Claire. I was born in Singapore but raised in China under an international system. During my free time, I like to dance, read, write, and play volleyball with my friends. My 28 days at XiZhou has been the most challenging and rewarding month of my entire life. I've learned many things about myself, forged strong bonds with many locals in the community, and -- all in all -- hoped to have left a positive impact. I truly believe this experience has been life changing, and I hope I have the chance to return to this wonderful place. Cheesiness aside, Microcampus has been an exhilarating journey of discovery and change. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.