Day 27: Packing Up

It is our last complete day here in Xizhou and it was a busy one. Our inquiry projects were not up to par with Mr. Tafel's standards do it was a frenzy of students working today. The issue that I had with my inquiry project was that my final product was not loading. I tried so many times to re-upload it to the blog page, but it would not work. Finally, on my last attempt, it loaded. Overall, today was one of those intense working days. Yesterday, on teh other had, we had our Dali Old Town trip. Of course us girls went to Sweet Tooth and dined on delicious desserts. We had a lava cake, a mint oreo cake, and a lemon cake. I hope the journey back is a smooth one and hopefully the transition back to school is as seamless as possible. 

Hi everybody! My name is Aavia and I am 14 years old. I was born in the United States, moved to India, moved to China, and I lived in Xizhou for a month. My inquiry project was on The Linden Family/Centre and how small businesses are impacted by them. Some things I enjoy to do in my free time are singing, dancing, reading, and sometimes swimming. The Shanghai American School society offers many opportunities for us students studying here and some that participate in are: The Musicals, AMIS, ASA Dance, CISSA, and I was in MUN for a short period of time. I was part of the L-Group of Microcampus and it was truly a great experience.